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Scouting May Soon Be Openly Fabulous

Bowing to pressure from corporate sponsors to wake up and smell the 21st Century, the national organization for the Boy Scouts of America may vote as soon as this Wednesday to lift their ban on gay members and allow local groups to decided whether or not to admit LGBT youths to their troops.

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Republican Cannibalism

This past week, former Senator Charles Hagel began hearings on his nomination to serve as the third Secretary of Defense under President Obama. The President must believe that Hagel is the man for the job, because it was almost inevitable that the nomination would be controversial on both sides of the aisle. Continue reading

Jenny McCarthy Plays With Fire

jennyBeing a Playboy Playmate is probably not the most relevant public thing Jenny McCarthy ever did, but it could be the most harmless. In private, Ms. McCarthy is the mother of a son named Evan, who is autistic. In that role, she deserves nothing less than our empathy, support, and compassion.

That role, however, has led her down another public path, one that has the potential to cause great harm, and for which she deserves no small amount of scorn. Ms. McCarthy is convinced, in defiance of all logic and evidence, that her son’s autism was caused by normal childhood vaccinations, and has become a vocal crusader in that very dangerous cause.

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George Takei is a Hoopy Frood

Within the context of the works of Douglas Adams, a hoopy frood is just a “really amazingly together guy.” According to Plato, every thing in the world has its ideal form. In other words, every chair you see is just an imperfect example of the ideal chair.

I think if there is a Platonian ideal of the Hoopy Frood, it would bear a strong resemblance to George Takei.

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