What on Earth Have You Gotten Yourself Into?

This site is dedicated to two things.

The first is the author’s hopelessly narcissistic view that his opinion on matters of socio-political importance are worth a tinker’s damn.

The second is the notion that, for anyone who considers him or herself a patriot, the best way to show that love of country is to hold its leaders feet to the fire and question everything they do. This applies whether or not you agree with 90 percent of what someone says. Especially if you agree with them on most things.

Just because you voted for President Obama doesn’t mean you’re a huge fan of drone strikes. Just because you voted Republican doesn’t mean that you don’t recognize that your party is currently not running on all cylinders, or behaving like civic-minded public servants.

This site is divided into four sections (at the moment):

  • Hoopy Froods — Wherein I lavish upon a person or persons the highest praise this site can bestow. It is assumed that these people can readily cross an entire galaxy and maintain possession of their respective bath linens.
  • Siriusly Unhip Kneebiters — For the unhoopy with no place to attach their bums. Such people could make many people very happy by not doing whatever it is they were doing when I decided to write about them.
  • The Marketing Dept. of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation — Beyond unhip. These people not only need to stop whatever it is they’re doing, but need to do the opposite very vigorously.
  • Rigidly Defined Areas of Doubt and Uncertainly — These posts are just opinions on this subject or that, without assigning the persons involved to any of the above groups.

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