Like a Dog With a Crazy Bone

Today, on NBC’s Meet the Press, our old buddy John McCain responded to a simple question about Benghazi with a bizarre non-sequitor attack on host Dick Gregory. The host wanted to know what McCain actually thought the administration had covered up about the attacks on Benghazi. Rather than answer the question, he deflected it by accusing Gregory of not caring about the four people. It was the sort of petulant non-answer you would expect from someone who doesn’t have an answer.

Let me make this easy for you, Senator. The only way you could be certain that there was a cover-up is if you have specific information that contradicts the administration’s official story. They said “A” and you know “B.” That’s how cover-ups are exposed. Do you have such information, Senator? If so, why don’t you share? If the information is classified, take your fellow Senators on the relevant committees, Republican and Democrat, behind closed doors and fill them in. If not, stop making such a goddamned fool of yourself and let’s confirm ourselves a Secretary of Defense.

Apparently, Republicans have a hard time letting go of their crazy pet theories. This idea that there was a massive coverup in the consulate attack first emerged before the November election, but Republican efforts to stoke it into their “October Surprise” were effectively stillborn. No one who wasn’t a member of the Romney campaign believed it before the election, and no one who isn’t a Republican member of Congress or a talking head in the Fox News echo chamber believes it now. Admitting you were wrong is never the Republican thing to do. It’s been ten years since the start of the Iraq war and we’re still waiting on that one.

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